Saturday, May 4, 2013

May Currently

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This is my first 'currently' challenge.  There were so many ideas running through my head that it was difficult to pick just one for each category.  It definitely made me think though.

Listening:  Right now I am listening to the quiet of the house.  My baby boy is sleeping, and it is quiet! I love listening to him breathe.  It is a wonderful sound.

Loving:  I am loving my weekends at home.  My 7 year old recently broke his leg, and this past Monday was the first time he had been back to school in over two weeks, so I was glad to see Friday come for the whole family.  We are enjoying the 'at home' time while he recovers.

Thinking: May brings feelings of warmer weather and summer time, especially for a teacher like myself.  The end-of-year countdown begins, and the final days of school seem to fly by.  I love the emotional feelings that come with May.  :)  Summer is just around the corner.

Wanting: Many months ago, my husband and I decided we were going to add an addition to our home. I'm excite about it, but it seems to take forever and a day for the builders to get a move on!  I want this addition complete before I go back to school in the fall.  Let the building and excitement begin already!!!  lol

Needing: As I mentioned above, my oldest son broke his leg.  He has been in a cast above his leg for several weeks, so we will all be glad when it lowered to below the knee.  We are also thankful he will not be in a cast over summer break.  Nor will he have to wear a cast while we are at the beach.  I look forward to much family time over the summer.  We have been though a lot during the month of April, and I am excited about summer picnics, talking around the fire pit, swimming, the beach, road trips, and just over all, family time.

Summer Bucket List: I admit it---I do not read much for pleasure.  There's too much going on during the school year, and with a wee little one, my time seems to evaporate.  I'm not complaining.  I love being a mommy, and a good mommy at that!  I just don't take the time to read for pleasure like I should.  So, this summer, I really want to read at least 2 good books (maybe more).  I want to get caught up on my Nicholas Sparks reading before going back to school.  And, yes, I want to read my new book I purchased through Amazon called Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Kids by Chris Biffle.  WBT has changed the way I teach, my outlook on teaching, and has turned my classroom from BLAH to AHHHHH!!! in a matter of months.  If you need help with classroom management or you are looking for brain based learning strategies to help your students, THIS IS THE ANSWER FOR YOU!!!  With this being said, I want to read this book from cover to cover.  If you have never heard of WBT and you are an educator, it is a must.  Head on over to this site, and check it out.

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I really enjoyed explaining my current thoughts.  I rarely journal about myself, so this current monthly blogging is very invigorating for me!  I'm glad I stumbled onto such a creative idea!  :)