Saturday, June 22, 2013

June Currently

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Listening:  It seems like the best time for me to accomplish anything computer related, or me, myself, and I related, is late at night.  It sure is quiet, and I get a lot done.  Too bad I can see well to clean up or clean out.  Tee Hee!

Loving:  I absolutely love my summer break away from teaching.  I love to sleep later, stay in my pjs later, and drink that extra cup of "soffee."  That's what my 2 year old calls coffee.  Soffee!  I love seeing my boys all day long!

Thinking:  I really need some alone time with my 8 year old son.  I know he misses his mommy time without a baby brother.  The little one gets so much attention.  I think we need to go see Monsters University--just the two of us.  Wouldn't that be fun!

Wanting:  My home remodeling project is still not finished, and by the looks of things, it's going to be a while.  The builders are taking FOREVER.  Did I say forever?  :)  It's going to be awesome when it's finished though.

Needing:  I always use my summer break to clean out and clean up my home.  Room by room, it slowly gets done.  Need I say more?

3 Vaca. Essentials:  If I don't carry sunscreen, my nose gets burnt.  My kiddos need it, too.  I love to take photos, and when I don't have by huge DSLR, my iPhone does the job.  I like to capture video, too.  Finally, I always require a sippy cup for the 2 year old.  It's a must when we leave the house!


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  1. First off I want to say I'm glad I'm not the only one that did the Currently late in the month.

    The only time I seem to get anything done is late at night except for cleaning. I just hate cleaning! There are tons of times I don't get anything done late at night because I'm either too tired (I'm already in bed) or catching up on my shows.