Friday, June 14, 2013

WBT Book Club Chapters 1 and 2: Intro and Origin

Coach B says... "You've just been made principal of a charter school and you're about to address your staff for the first time. Select three points from chapters 1 and 2 that you are going to talk about describing key aspects of Whole Brain Teaching. Include one story about your teaching experience."
        I am so excited to be here this morning!  I'm thrilled that our new middle school has been chosen to implement Whole Brain Teaching!  This summer, we had the opportunity to participate in the WBT Book Club, and now it's time to implement all of those fabulous ideas we have been learning about. 
I want you all to think back to last year's students.  I know it's been a while, but I'm sure you can remember your students well.  Take a moment to remember.  (Pause.)  Now, think about your most challenging kids.  You know, the ones that talk out of turn, refuse to participate, don't turn in assignments, talk back, can't keep up with nor bring materials to class, and they distract others.  As hard as we try, it's difficult to engage these learners. 
Before taking this principalship, I was able to take a Whole Brain Teaching class through Walsh University, and I learned a lot about how the brain learns.  Chris Biffle, or Coach B. as he's called, is the leader of WBT, and he states, "Challenging kids are rebels.  Punishment makes them more rebelious.  Most want to be a part of the class and that's why they work so hard to get attention."  As educators, if we are to help these students, we must be willing to change and try new strategies.  The key law of WBT is, "The longer teachers talk, the more students we lose."  Our students are no different than us.  You don't want to sit through long lectures, and your students don't either.  And, even the most lively class discussions only engage a fraction of our students.  
The WBT book holds "detailed instructions for teaching challenging kids."  And, the rest of your class will love it, too.  
My consistent use of WBT strategies helped me help my challenging students.  I believe it will help you and your students, too.  Whole Brain Teaching will make all the difference!
I love Whole Brain Teaching with my whole heart!  This past spring, I did, in fact, take an online class through Walsh University instructed by Dr. Brobeck and Dr. Digianantonio.  It created an opportunity for me to use WBT consistently with my sixth graders.  The techniques came at a time in my career when I needed a boost.  Now, my new teaching style has caused a ripple effect among my team members and other sixth grade level teachers.  Currently, five other sixth grade teachers have purchased the book.  WBT is addictive!  It has forever changed my classroom attitude and the principles that govern the happenings in each of my middle school classes.  Oh yeah!

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