Sunday, July 21, 2013

WBT Book Club-Chapter 20: The Independents

Thinking back to my middle school years, I can really remember two or three students that I would have called rebels.  All three were female, and they fed on the torture of others.  They were what I would call “part of the rough crowd” and what WBT calls a “clique of students.”  Growing up in a small community, unfortunately, meant you were in small classes, too.  I rode the bus with these girls, ate lunch at the same time as them, and was in all of their classes.  They fed off of each other, and their behavior carried over into the classroom.  If only my teachers had been wise to the ways of Whole Brain Teaching!  Independents Scoreboard Level Five would definitely have worked like a charm with them.  I know the rest of the class would have been grateful not to be punished for the girls’ actions, and these girls would have quickly learned the importance of separating themselves from situations that were getting them into trouble.  One mean-spirited rebel, who loved harassing others, led this group of girls.  Together, they preyed on weaker, more timid students, like me.  The Independent level would have played one student against the others, because when one misbehaved, they would have all gotten into trouble.  This would have, most certainly, evaporated the clique.  My friends and I would have bonded more and supported the teacher wholeheartedly.  I remember one time, in seventh grade, when the whole class was punished and not allowed to go outside because of these girls.  This would never have happened with “The Independents!”

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