Saturday, July 6, 2013

WBT Book Club Chapter 14-Scoreboard Levels

Of the seven Scoreboard levels, I know I will implement the first four.  

Tried and true level one will be used from day one through day 180.  I am looking forward to introducing the Scoreboard on the first day this year.  Variations, as described in chapter 9, will help keep the board alive and exciting throughout the entire year.  It is what I call the backbone to WBT and unites the class.  

The Super Improvers Team of level two will not be introduced until several weeks after school begins.  It is important to allow students to fully understand and master level one before adding level two.  I will have the board in place before school begins though.  This will definitely create curiosity among students.  I love the fact that level one focuses on the group and level two on the individual.  There’s something about the ‘levels’ of level two that hook students attention.  It’s like a good video game.  We all like to advance to the next level!  I will also use level two from the time it is introduced through the remainder of the year.

Levels three and four will definitely help with individual behavior problems.  Practice cards will allow students to rehearse the rule they broke and inform parents of the negative/positive behavior.  I will try my best to “work” the first two levels so I do not have to use level three practice cards, but chances are, they will be needed sometime following winter break.  Finally, the level four Guff Counter helps eliminate disrespectful  behavior.  Two little words, “Please, stop,” will never sound as sweet until a group of middle school students use them to unite against challenging behavior.  I’ve never used the Guff Counter, but I’m guessing it’s as sweet as “It’s Cool!”  I hope I don’t have to use level four, but I’m glad it’s an option.  I will use it if needed, and I’m hoping it will not be until late in the school year.

I am hoping the remaining three levels will not be needed.  I am, however, glad they are available if I need to use them.

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