Saturday, July 6, 2013

WBT Bookclub Chapter 12-Mirror, Hands, and Eyes

U.S. History Sample Gestures
1. Marshall Plan-Students must know who created the Marshall Plan and its purpose.  
Students repeat as they point their pointer finger in the air, "George C. Marshall was the man.  He created the Marshall Plan."  Pointing, showing the number 13, then stretching arms out, students repeat, "The  Marshall Plan gave 13 billion dollars in aid (use both hands to show money) from the United States (pointing to the west) across the Atlantic Ocean (making waves with hands and moving toward the east) to Western Europe to rebuild (hands move upward to show building) and prevent the spread of communism (hands out in a stopping motion).

Students must understand the provisions of six amendments.

2. 13th Amendment-Students say, "The 13th Amendment banned slavery."  (Show the number 13 with fingers, and then cross both arms in an X fashion then open them.)

3. 14th Amendment-Students say, "The 14th Amendment granted citizenship." (Show the number 14 with fingers, and then 'handshake' your own hands.)

4. 15th Amendment-Students say, "The 15th Amendment let black men vote." (Show the number 15 with fingers, and then write on one hand as if casting a vote. Finish by dropping your ballot in an imaginary box.)

5. 18th Amendment-Students say, "The 18th Amendment banned booze."  (Show the number 18 with fingers, and then cross both arms in an X fashion.  Then, take a drink with an imaginary cup.)

6. 19th Amendment-Students say, "The 19th Amendment gave women suffrage."  (Show the number 19 with fingers, curtsy, and write on one hand as if casting a vote.  Finish by dropping your ballot in an imaginary box.)

7.  21st Amendment-Students say, “The 21st Amendment repealed the 18th Amendment bringing booze back.”  (Show the number 21 with fingers, and with hands together, turn over one hand to show ‘overturned.’  Show the number 18 with fingers, drink a drink, and then, with one hand, motion the amendment back.)  As an alternate, sixth grade students also like to say the following with gestures, “The 21st Amendment says it’s O.K. to drink IF you are 21.”  (Show the O.K. sign, take a drink, point your finger when saying, “IF,” then show the number 21 with fingers.)  Note: The last statement is made in pure fun and is not meant to condone drinking.  Instead it gives students a way to remember the amendment number with the legal drinking age.

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