Friday, April 26, 2013


Class-Yes is a part of Whole Brain Teaching’s 4Core.  It is an immediate student attention grabber.  Contrary to traditional classroom methods of gaining student attention, Class-Yes offers a quick method of stopping student discussions, talking, movement, and overall chatter when the teacher needs the attention of the class.  Here’s how it works:  When the teacher says, “Class!” the students say, “Yes!”  And, however the teacher says, “Class!” is how the students say, “Yes!”  The teacher can vary their tone, whisper, shout, and even change the language when they say, “Class!”  The kids will then say, “Yes!” by changing their tone, too.  It’s a beautiful sight to see!

Yesterday, during history class, we reviewed the Cold War era.  From the time the bell rang through the end of the day, I used Class-Yes.  If students beat my Scoreboard score, they earn one minute of ‘talk time’ at the beginning of class, so for those classes, I able to use “Class-Yes” to stop their talking.  We reviewed several items using the WBT technique “Teach/Ok,” and I was able to quickly stop small group gesturing with Class-Yes.  We played a review game, and on several occasions, students were really excited and one Class-Yes didn’t work.  When that happens, and I do not have full attention, I generally whisper, “Class,” and the students whisper, “Yes!”  This technique works really well.    Once, a class was not seated fast enough, and I said, “Class-A, Sit-A!”  The kids quickly said, “Yes-A, Sit-A,” and they quickly seated themselves.  I also had several students answer review questions and/or lead gesturing.  During this time, the students know they, too can use “Class-Yes.”  They begin by saying, “Class!” followed by the other students, “Yes,” and then they move forward with their answers or gesturing.  It is a way for them to ‘be the teacher’ and a quick way for them to let the class know to be quiet while they are speaking. 
Once last week, during a homeroom discussion, the two students leading the ‘talk’ used “Class-Yes” multiple times to regain control of the conversation and to stop multiple people from talking at once. 

Over the course of the last week, I really have enjoyed sitting back and observing how, when, and why my students and I use the “Class-Yes” technique.
Along with the other three 4Core WBT techniques, Class-Yes has been a ‘game changer’ for me.  It is an immediate, quick way to gain the attention of my students.  It is not threatening as other techniques, like yelling nor does it take up class time like counting down.  It is a friendly way to gain call students to order, and there is an endless array of ways to actually say Class-Yes.  The whole concept behind Class-Yes is ingenious!  It’s so simple and clever!  My sixth grade students love saying, “Yes!”  And, they love saying it using different tones and pitches.  I have discovered that being consistent is the key.  When I use “Class-Yes” consistently, it changes the atmosphere of my classes.  It has made learning and being is history class more enjoyable for all involved.  Ten Finger Woo to Coach B. and the staff that came up with it!  It has completely changed my classroom management system.  

Here is a link to a 3rd grade blog that provides more information about "Class-Yes."  The are so many variations for its use, and they all make class interesting and fun.

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  1. I am still amazed everyday how successful I feel "JUST" using Class, Yes! I have had substitutes leave me notes saying they can't wait to sub again just so they can teach the other classes this "trick". Whether you are in your own classroom, in the hallway, or at lunch ... if kids know Class, Yes, then you can gain their immediate attention.

  2. Melinda - great post! Isn't Class Yes amazing! I love to use it at assemblies or in the lunchroom too - it really grabs the attention of other staff that don't use WBT techniques yet! Thanks for participating in the WBT Linky Party for motivational posts!

  3. I LOVE Class Yes! My kids do too! Great post!
    :) Dana
    Fun in 1st Grade

  4. Class/yes was the very first thing that made me want to learn more about WBT.