Sunday, April 21, 2013

UHM-Universal Homework Model and Mind Soccer

Originally posted-March 17, 2013

Spring fever has hit sixth grade. This is a natural occurrence each year just prior to spring break and Easter. With it comes lots of energetic 11 and 12 year olds and failure to complete homework assignments. So after reading the Universal Homework Model, I decided to add a section to each classes WBT Scoreboard. This section shows the percentage of students that completed homework. Honestly, most homework assignments are simple. They should never have to spend more than 10-15 minutes on any assignment. So, I expect homework to be completed and completed well! I am going to use Mind Soccer as an incentive for homework completion. After five days of tracking homework on our Scoreboard, averages will be figured. The higher the average, the more minutes of Mind Soccer will be played. On a positive note, I have noticed, in most cases, an increase in the percent of homework completed since I began tracking percents by class on the board. I think the competition between classes has helped as no one class wants to have the lowest percent. I am hoping I will also see an increase in completion after they play Mind Soccer.

Photo Credit: Melinda Sprinkle
I have never used the Mind Soccer game with students before. It is very high energy, so I hope I can keep up with the pace. We are reviewing for a World War II test, so this is the perfect opportunity to introduce a new game. I can wait to see how it goes.  I found these Mind Soccer samples and a WBT video about the UHM on YouTube.  I hope they help you as much as they assisted me!  

Mind Soccer Texas--This is a middle school math class review.  Really cool ideas.

Program 507 Mind Soccer-This is Chris Biffle's webinar on Mind Soccer. 

Whole Brain Teaching Mind Soccer- Watch Chris Rekstad, a WBT veteran, review content with his fourth graders.  

Program 501 Universal Homework-This is Chris Biffle's webinar on the Universal Homework Model or UHM.

All are great introductions to learning about Mind Soccer and UHM.
(As see in the photo...) 1. During the second semester, I have incorporated a quote of the week beside my Scoreboard.  I think it adds a lot to the environment of my classroom.  2. The Scoreboard is loved by my sixth graders.  They do not like to see me win.  3. H.W. stands for homework.  You can see we have tracked three homework assignments.  
More to come. Melinda


  1. Sandra H. commented-
    Isn't it amazing how much competition can motivate students! Whether it be against each other, another class, or the teacher! What a great tool. I'm glad it is working for you! Thank you for all of the great links to Mind soccer and UHM. I have seen a couple of them, but not all. I will definitely be checking them out!

  2. Sarah W. commented-
    I am obsessed with mind soccer now too! I think it works really well in math. It was a little easier to keep it going than when I tried it in science. Do you use universal homework?

  3. Melissa B. commented-
    Thanks for all the links!!! I can't see your picture :(. I still have to introduce mind soccer to my kindergarteners! We are studying a butterfly life cycle this week and did frogs 2 weeks ago, maybe I'll start it off with something easy like review from these units :) I like your homework / mindsoccer idea!!! Let me know how your kiddos responded to the game!!!