Sunday, April 21, 2013

Action Research Cycle-Week 10 (The Super Improver Wall Update)

Originally published-March 15, 2013

I am happy to report, I used a whole sheet of stars with students and the Super Improvers Wall this week! Well, almost!

Photo Credit: Melinda Sprinkle      

Now, I am still struggling with what to award stars for, and honestly, I am going to have to force myself to take the time to make specific goals for each individual student in this class. As I think about each boy and girl and try to narrow my focus to one student who is struggling academically or socially, I have two that the Super Improver Wall is making a difference with this week. On Wednesday, I awarded two stars to one student for following Rule 3: Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat. The second was given because I was able to read his handwriting, a task I have not been able to do this whole year. How awesome is that? The second student was given a star for staying on task and completing work in his notebook. This particular student also let me know he had all of his supplies. I should have had him show me and given a star for that, too. Both of these students were so excited they were given stars, and now they are ahead of their classmates. I'm predicting they will move to Scoreboard Level Two before the others. I really need to create specific goals for each student! It is difficult to monitor this when I only see them for 45-50 minutes per day. But, everyone does have at least one star. Since it is hard to monitor, writing specific goals will help me focus more on what I am suppose to look for. I would also like for the Paraprofessional (aide) in my class to help me set student goals as well. I want her to feel she, too can award stars. 

I have not had to use Scoreboard Level Two (Practice Cards) yet. But I feel I need to focus on this as well. I have the bulletin board set up with clothes pins (see previous blog post). I have, honestly, seen an improvement since I introduced the SIW and do not feel anyone has merited practice. So, that is a great thing. I'm sure it is on the horizon though. 

This particular class has went from not working together to mastering a beautiful "YES, SWITCH, and OK." There were many days I felt like giving up and the WBT techniques were just not going to work with this class. I am a total convert. My persistence paid off, and WBT does work well with my challenging students. 

I can't wait to see how next week's WBT World War II review goes and find out the test results.

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  1. Mariaan C. commented-
    Melinda, I am so glad that you are seeing the fruit of your WBT labor. Isn't it amazing how even the smallest improvements in our students can be so rewarding to us as teachers too? I know the kids really appreciate being noticed, it makes them feel special, and I do think the ones who are challenging probably have a need to be noticed and feel special.