Saturday, April 20, 2013

Action Research Cycle Week 9-Module 5

Originally posted-March 11, 2013

Ok, I have decided to conclude my Action Research. Action Research Question “Does the consistent use of Whole Brain Teaching's CoreFour and Five Classroom Rules produce increased enthusiasm and improve learning outcomes for all students?” Now, this does not mean I am finished. This is an every day, class by class cycle that will continue to evolve and repeat itself for as long as I teach. I will continue modifying my use of WBT CoreFour and using the 5 classroom rules with all of my classes consistently, and I will be using my the next two assessment tests to help determine student outcomes. The first test will cover material learned during our World War II study, and the second test will cover material during the third nine weeks. I have been informed, however disappointing, I must include questions on this assessment from each of the nine weeks. This was a recent change. Since I was not using WBT consistently at the beginning of the year, results will not be 100% accurate. So, my main goal is to look closely at the WWII test data. I have started a new research question, "Will the use of WBTs Scoreboard Level Two and the Super Improvers Wall improve learning outcomes for all students? Remember, I already stated I was only going to implement this with one of my classes. I think I made the right decision. Rules are being followed (for the most part in the other three classes), and I think the SIW would be very difficult to use with 80+ students. Honestly, since I discussed how the SIW and Scoreboard Level Two works, I have not had to use practice times with any students. I have also been struggling with awarding stars. I love my board set up, and the kids are very interested in getting stars. Who would have thought 11-12 year olds would still enjoy that. I think it's more about the levels and moving up the wall than anything else. I know I have control over what I give stars for, but it has not been easy. I am hoping once I a three week habit of using the wall, it will get easier. It also does not help that I only see the kids 50 minutes a day. I did see motivation in one student, though. One challenging student told another student to be quiet (in a polite way), and I saw this. I quietly told the student, I was proud of him for doing so, and I gave him a star. He was thrilled. I don't think he gets the praise he needs, and this worked. He continued using rule numbers with his fingers to tell other students when they were breaking rules 2 and 3. He stayed on task for the rest of class, too. I should have given him another star for that, but I did not. Does anyone have a list of Super Improver Wall ideas for awarding stars? I sure could use one! The photo below shows my Super Improver Wall, Five Classroom Rules, and Scoreboard Level Two. The rules came from and the SIW from The clothes pin idea came from an idea found on Pinterest and recommended by a friend. My school mascot is a knight, so I chose yellow shields cut from a die cut machine at my school. Each clothes pin has velcro circles on the back. You can clip the Scoreboard practice cards to students that need them. I also keep cards and stickers clipped to one of the clothes pins, too. I love the look and feel of the whole set up!

Photo Credit: Melinda Sprinkle

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