Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Visit from the Principal-Week 7

Originally posted-February 24, 2013

So, this week I asked Mr. S to visit my classroom and observe WBT in action. This, I have to say, was a nice switch for me. Most observations are unannounced and preplanned by the principal. So, asking my supervisor to visit my classroom put a nice twist on things. It was a great lesson to observe because we were reviewing for a Great Depression test. I left a paper listing the six WBT items I wanted him to look for including: the Five Classroom Rules, Class/Yes, Teach/Ok, Mirrors, Switch, and the Scoreboard. I told the students he was coming ahead of time, so they would be prepared and work harder for points. The class did a fantastic job. During the review lesson, I reviewed several rules for earning points and what I would be looking for as well as the new rules I had added to Teach/Ok (including full turns to your partner and when it's your turn, you stand). The kids needed reminding, but this also gave Mr. S. an opportunity to hear some of the guidelines. Here is what my principal had to say: "I found it (WBT) to be quite interesting....a unique observation for sure. I hope that you will be able to measure student performance/progress using these new techniques. If found to be effective we may want to explore in-servicing the staff. Perhaps start with your team and work out from there." I am thrilled he found WBT interesting. I believe WBT at my school has never been used before. I'm excited for it's future at my school. I already have one teacher on my team telling me she wishes she would have taken the class with me, and she definitely wants to learn more about WBT. Another planning buddy of mine is also very interested. Brining in Mr. S was definitely a great idea. WBT here we come! P.S.-I printed out several simple handouts, explaining several WBT techniques, to share with Mr. S. I look forward to sharing my student successes and growth with him.


  1. Whitney E. commented-
    I like how you gave your principal a list of WBT strategies to look for. Our principal encourages us to incorporate WBT into our classroom but it would be nice to give her a list of specific things to look for. This also encourages feedback. Giving your administrator handouts also sounds like a beneficial idea! Did your supervisor know much about WBT before you began teaching it into your classroom?

  2. Whitney-I do not believe Mr. S. had ever heard of WBT before he saw it in action in my classroom. WBT really is unique and works well!