Saturday, April 20, 2013

Action Research Cycle Week 5-Module 3

Originally published-February 10, 2013

Action Research Question “Does the consistent use of Whole Brain Teaching's CoreFour and Five Classroom Rules produce increased enthusiasm and improved learning outcomes for all students?” Week One-Data Collection; Assessment Week Two-Implementation of Consistent Use of Five Classroom Rules--Many students continued to break rules, especially Rules 2 and 3. Week Three-Review Rules Two and Three by purposefully breaking Rules 2 and 3.--Fewer students broke rules. Week Four-Using Behavior Assessment for Seating Chart; Implementing Scoreboard--Minute at end of class was difficult to remember Week Five-Scoreboard Reward Changed to Beginning of Class--Students enthusiastic about Minute to socialize and easily remembered Last week, students spent two days in the computer lab working on iPad projects, and Friday was a a teacher work day. That being said, using the Scoreboard in a different environment was a little challenging. This weeks strategy was to allow students to use their 'minute' earned from the Scoreboard at the beginning of class in stead of at the end. Results were demonstrated immediately. Even though this was a short week, the data collection method of teacher observations showed all students appreciative and enthusiastic of 60 seconds at the beginning of class to socialize with their peers. Even before the timer was set, students jumped from their seats to start their talk time. The timer allowed students to quickly see how many seconds remained. If students got back into their seats within 10 seconds after the minute, they earned a new point on the scoreboard for the new class. If not, the teacher earned a point. The researcher assessed that the one minute 'talk time' at the beginning of class solved the problem of not having adequate time at the end of class for the minute. Time in the computer lab earned a second minute if students won the Scoreboard game in the lab. The action research cycle was adjusted to focus on the Whole Brain Teaching CoreFour Mirror technique. Will the use of 'Mirrors' increase enthusiasm and improved learning outcomes for all students?


  1. Mariaan C. commented-
    I really like how you are giving them time to socialize at the beginning of class. I might use this too! How old are your students again? Am I correct in remembering middle school? I think my third graders would appreciate socializing time too, since they really want to chat in the mornings when they come. That way they would get their reward before things get too busy, like you said. You also have a great method to get them back in their seats, by allowing them to earn a smilie if they make it there within 10 seconds. If you don’t mind I am going to “borrow” your methods.
    You mentioned that your students can see your timer. Do you have it on a smart board or how do you project it for them?
    Thank you for sharing all your ideas and methods, I always get ideas and further insights when I read your posts.

  2. Melissa B. commented-
    I'm glad the minute at the beginning of the class worked! Its crazy how just one minute gets them excited! I like how you did what you could to keep the scoreboard in the computer lab while they worked. It looks like you are doing a great job with trial and error! It seem likes your class is responding very well to WBT!

  3. Mariaan-I do have a SmartBoard and projecctor. I use my document camera more than anything, and I have recently been using my iPhone. I purchased the WBT Scoreboard app, and I have a timer on my phone as well. It comes in handy no matter where I am in the room. Thanks for asking.