Saturday, April 20, 2013

Walsh University EDT: 6454 Scholarship Outreach Initiative

This spring I took a leap of faith and enrolled in a 3 credit hour, online course. The class has focused on 'Active Learning and Whole Brain Teaching,' and it has been one of the best professional development choices of my career! I had been reading and viewing Youtube videos about WBT, and I had even introduced several of the techniques with my students, but this class has allowed me to grow professionally than I could have ever done so by myself. Working with an online community has allowed me to share my ideas and learn a multitude from others. Through action research, I have implemented many Whole Brain Teaching and Brain based learning strategies that have allowed me to become a better teacher while helping students learn and have fun. During the course, I read, 'How the Brain Learns' (fourth edition) by David Sousa. And, yes, I thought the book was going to be horrid, but boy, was I ever wrong. The text was engaging and specific to educators. I cannot begin to describe all of the brain facts I learned, but I can say one thing, "The brain is a novelty seeker," and Whole Brain Teaching allows the teacher to have an organized, structured classroom and students to learn and recall information in a meaningful fun way. WBT is very much connected to current brain research, and it has forever changed the way I structure and run my classroom, and I am more energized about teaching. I cannot imagine teaching without Whole Brain! The following blog post were taken from my online class. I hope readers will enjoy reading about my experiences using WBT techniques. My learning continues, and this blog will allow me to share my experiences as I become a Whole Brain Certified Teacher.

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