Sunday, April 21, 2013

Super Improver Wall Update and WBT Certification

Originally posted-April 9, 2013

SIW Update:
So, again, I admit I am struggling with the Super Improver Wall.  I did work on adding specific goals (one academic and one behavior) for each student.  Today, I am blaming not being consistent with the fact that I only have 50 minutes per day with these students.  It is hard to focus on individuals (that's terrible to say) when I have so much to teach and complete.  I am going to try to do better, and I will not give up!  The wall does work!  Even as I write this post, a student asked if she could help me move several students cards to the next level because they had earned enough stars.  She is helping me, and I gave her a star for "keeping me on track with the wall."  

On a positive note, my own son, a 7 year old, whispered in my ear and said this to me at home several nights ago, "Mom, can you start me a wall like the one you have at school?"  I have printed the cards and have it ready to go.  He as already earned 3 stars.  WAY TO GO, EAN!  

WBT Certification:
I have set up a blog through for my classroom.  It's gonna be 'a little bit of this, and a little bit of that,' but I want one focus to be my WBT journey.  My plan is to copy and paste a great deal of my online posts from this workshop because we have definitely been learning, and it has all be a journey.  If you have not thought about earning WBT Certification or had no clue this even existed, I encourage you to visit their website at to find out more.  I am so excited to about earning WBT Certification.

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  1. Do you have a picture of your SIW? I teach 4 classes of 30-32 students and have very little idea of how to implement the wall in my language arts/ reading classroom. I did last year use popsicle sticks for motivation. Students were given a stick with their name on it. I would randomly mark a line on the stick for whatever positive reason. I used a different color sharpie a day so I could keep up with my marks. Those who earned 10 marks won 10 minutes computer game time (funbrain, etc.). Two problems: my inconsistency and the storing of the sticks. Some students lost theirs others were broken. I thought it was easier than creating a SIW with so many students. Just wondeing what you thought. This year I plan to use the sticks again and be more consistent. Also, I am saving my small peanut butter jars to store each class' sticks in. Oh! Called them "Power Sticks" sort of like the extra power a gamer recieves when he scores high or gets to a special level. Might even require the student to record reason he received the power point since we will be implementing RTI behavior this year!